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The Benefits of Using a Suppressor For Home Defense

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

As a firearms instructor, I often get asked about the various accessories that can enhance home defense strategies. One such accessory that I highly recommend is a suppressor for your firearm. In this post, I will outline the benefits of using a suppressor and why it can be a valuable addition to your home defense toolkit. When it comes to defending your home, every second counts. Using a suppressor for home defense has quite a few advantages. One major advantage of using a suppressor is the reduction in noise produced when firing your weapon. A suppressor significantly muffles the sound of a gunshot, making it less likely to cause hearing damage to you or your loved ones. This can be crucial in maintaining situational awareness during a high-stress encounter, allowing you to hear potential threats or communicate effectively with family members.

In a home defense scenario, precision is paramount. A suppressor can help improve your accuracy by reducing recoil and muzzle rise, resulting in better shot placement. By reducing the noise and recoil associated with firing a firearm, a suppressor enables you to stay on target more easily, giving you a greater chance of neutralizing a threat effectively while minimizing collateral damage.

One of the most significant advantages of using a suppressor for home defense is the element of surprise it provides. By minimizing the noise generated by your firearm, you maintain a tactical advantage over intruders who may be disoriented by the lack of a loud gunshot. This allows you to maintain a 'stealthy' approach and potentially catch intruders off guard, increasing your chances of safely resolving the situation without escalating violence.

When it comes to self-defense, managing recoil is crucial, especially for those with limited shooting experience. A suppressor reduces the recoil produced by a firearm, making it easier to control and reducing the likelihood of a flinch or anticipation-induced error. This can be particularly important in high-pressure situations where your accuracy and reaction time are critical.

While the decision to use a suppressor for home defense ultimately depends on your individual circumstances and local laws, the benefits of utilizing this accessory are undeniable. Reduced noise, improved accuracy, enhanced stealth, and reduced recoil are all factors that contribute to a more effective and safer home defense strategy. As a responsible firearms owner, it's essential to explore all available options and make informed decisions to protect yourself and your loved ones



Purchasing a suppressor can seem overwhelming. From personal experience, I can say that by far the best way to go about purchasing a suppressor is by going through They make the entire process as streamlined and simple as possible right from the start. Suppressors used to come with over a year wait time in between purchasing the suppressor and being able to actually pick it up from your designated gun shop, after ATF approval. These days, the process has been streamlined significantly with the ATF's new eForm4 filing system. You will learn a lot about this from the information below. Click on the image to be taken to a Silencer Shop page that will get you started. I've also included a very informative YouTube video from Silencer Shop that explains the steps to submitting your eForm4.

Make sure you do plenty of research on which suppresser you want, because these items are regulated by the ATF and cannot be legally resold unless you sell it through an FFL (Federal Firearms License) Dealer, which is usually going to be in the form of a gun shop. Very few people, if any, will be in the market to legally purchase your used suppressor. You want to make sure you know for sure this is the right brand and quality suppressor for you, before you purchase. Thankfully, every reputable suppressor out there will come with a wealth of customer reviews, industry reviews, and even YouTube demo/reviews!


Here is a great video from Silencer Shop on the eForm4 process!


John P. Simpson

Owner/Lead Instructor

Peach State Defense Solutions, LLC.

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