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Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) - Gen 7 (Orange/Black)


The Combat Application Tourniquet®, introduced to U.S. Army in 2005 is a true one-handed tourniquet, widely credited with decreasing mortality rates due to extremity exsanguination by 85%. After an exhaustive study, the U.S. Army Institute of Research deemed it to be 100% effective.

Following extensive field reviews, the CAT GEN7 has been completely re-designed, making it the most effective Combat Application Tourniquet to date. The new CAT GEN7 is simpler to use thanks to a single application protocol, single buckle routing system and further improvements to its components and construction. 




* Single Routing Buckle


* Faster application and effective slack removal resulting in decreased blood loss and fewer windlass turns to achieve arterial occlusion


* Simplified training with single protocol directions for all applications


* Windlass Rod


* Increased diameter for enhanced strength


* Aggressive ribbing for improved grip


* Windlass Clip


* Bilateral beveled entry for rapid windlass lock


* Bilateral buttress for added strength


* Windlass Strap


* Sonic welded to clip for constant contact


* Color changed to Gray for tactical considerations (Black CAT Only)


* Stabilization Bar


* Reinforced, beveled contact bar maintains the plate's integrity and decreases skin pinching



Proven to be 100% effective in occluding blood flow in both upper & lower extremities by the U.S. Army's Institute of Surgical Research


Dimensions: 6.5" H x  2.4" W x 1.5" D (packaged)
Dimensions: 37.5" H (open)
Weight: 2.9 oz


Available in orange and black

Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) - Gen 7 (Orange/Black)

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