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Shotgun TriggerSafe in Orange with REMOVE BEFORE PEW PEW Lanyard in Red with White lettering attached. Protect your trigger and make a statement. Fits all current manufactured Remingtons, Benelli M2, Winchester SX4, Stoeger, Ithaca, Rock Island Armory, Weatherby PA-459, CZ 612-712, and most Remington clones. The shotgun TriggerSafe is a patented device designed to safely and completely cover the trigger of these shotguns. The shotgun TriggerSafe was made to avoid negligent discharges that occur when you do not have positive control of a loaded shotgun that can occur during hunting, training, range time, transportation, storage or anytime your hands are off the shotgun.

Simply snap a TriggerSafe on in less than a second to cover the trigger of the shotgun and prevent accidents. It’s like a holster for the shotgun.

This TriggerSafe has the Peach State Defense Solutions logo on the side

Shotgun TriggerSafe/Lanyard Combo

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Orange with red lanyard

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