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TriggerSafe has a universal pistol and rifle chamber flag with a “Remove before Pew Pew” lanyard attached, it also features the Peach State Defense Solutions logo on the side.

Triggersafe™ was designed to fix a weapon problem that officers and citizens knew occurred, but no one wanted to discuss, Negligent Discharges. When a person with a rifle or shotgun does not have "positive control" of the weapon, the chances of a negligent discharge increase. Positive control is when we have our hands on the weapon and control the safety and trigger. The chance that a piece of gear or other object can push the trigger is greatly reduced with a Triggersafe™ in place. Triggersafe™ was intended for environments and times when we don't have full control of the weapon.

TriggerSafe Chamber Flag with "Pew Pew" lanyard attached

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