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TriggerSafe’s Glock Staging Holster was purposely designed to allow you to stage your Glock handgun where you need to, allowing for a safe and fast one-hand draw. TriggerSafe’s staging holster is also the only manufactured staging holster designed to be used with most attached weapon lights like SureFire, Olight, Streamlight and Inforce.


Use the staging holster in a home, shop or office, in a bag or purse, in a vehicle, with a gun magnet or anywhere you can safely stage your Glock. Works with all standard Glocks, except models 42, 43 or 48. Comes with 24 inches of paracord. TriggerSafe will come with Peach State logo affixed to one side. ("remove before pew pew" lanyard sold seperately").


These units come with the Peach State Defense Solutions logo affixed to the side.



TriggerSafe Glock Staging Holster (Yellow)

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