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My Name is John Parker Simpson, Owner & Operator of Peach State Defense Solutions, LLC.

I was born and raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I am a Certified Firearms Instructor licensed with the USCCA and NRA. My number one goal is to introduce students of all skill levels to the fundamentals of safely owning, handling, and operating firearms at different levels of experience.  I have since expanded my business to include online and in-class product sales with nationwide shipping. Products I stock include firearms accessories, ammo, gun cleaning supplies, emergency first aid essentials, pepper spray, and training & educational products. I am adding more products weekly. Subscribe to my newsletter for the latest updates and special deals on upcoming classes and products. Information regarding upcoming classes and products can also be found via my social media sites, emailing or calling me directly, or clicking the buttons below. My contact information can be found under the 'contact' tab on this site. I look forward to hearing from you!

John Parker Simpson

Owner/Lead Instructor

Peach State Defense Solutions, LLC.


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